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1. The camp property is for use by churches and other Christian-oriented groups. The first option for use of the camp will be to churches and church groups affiliated with the Madison Baptist Association.

2. Permission to use will be secured by contacting the Camp Hosts. Should there be a time where there are no Camp Hosts, permission should be obtained by contacting the MBA office. A forty-eight hour notice is requested.

3. A $50.00 deposit is required from *all groups* at the time of application and it is this deposit that secures the requested dates. This deposit will be returned if policies and procedures included herein are followed. (After the camp is checked for damages, all trash has been removed, etc. then deposit will be returned.)

4. Churches or groups formally connected to churches affiliated with the Madison Baptist Association will not be charged for use of the camp...(deposit still required).

5. All other groups will pay for use of facilities at a rate of $1.00 per person per day...(any part of a day counts as a day).

6. Person responsible for group will be required to sign camp agreement.

7. Fires must be confined to places provided for fires (fireplaces, fire rings, barbeque pits and grills), and should be completely extinguished before leaving the camp.

8. No alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms or smoking allowed at any time.

9. Trees or bushes are not to be cut, nor any wood or plants are to be removed from property.
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